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Technology is evolving at a dramatic rate!

Engaging experts to help and support your machine learning delivery is an important strategy for success.

Black Belt provides use-case driven, independent and

agnostic machine learning and technology solution design.


Emerging Technologies including Machine Learning

Black Belt can support your business with planning and delivery of new technologies. We can work within the business to support the delivery of technologies by providing advice, planning and if necessary – delivery. We offer hands-on experience in new technologies to compliment your team.

We can support your business with:-

  • Machine Learning an AI planning and implementation.
  • Evaluating new technologies for use with your business.
  • Use-case development to detail how new technologies can work for you.
  • BlockChain, Chatbots, API as a Service, Internet of Things, Search.
  • Software development to deliver new technologies.
  • Training to your staff and knowledge transfer.

The benefit of Black Belt lies in the flexibility of our engagement. We provide for both short to medium term engagement, depending on the assignment. We can assist your businesses in the day-to-day project or provide specialist advisory support.

Big Data Architecture and Advice

Black Belt can detail your big data strategy. We compliment your team with solution design and advice that is custom design to each client. We tailor the big data solution to work within your existing infrastructure, and where necessary, make recommendation that minimise and identifies cost savings.

The areas that we can assist your business include:-

  • Understand business drivers and objectives
  • Presentation to and engagement with key stakeholders
  • Contextual background, where does big data fit in the enterprise architecture
  • Dealing with unstructured data
  • Current and future state of data analysis
  • Proposed concepts to deliver data
  • Approaches for enablement of big data
  • Roadmap!

The outcome of our solution design process will be a roadmap that is aligned with the business objectives for your data.



Caspio Implementation

Black Belt can provide business automation and improved productivity by utilising Caspio to create web forms, reports and databases that are accessible anywhere. Caspio requires no coding, removing the requirement for dedicated resources an costly maintenance.

Black Belt are Certified Caspio Developers and can give you this cost-effective technological solution to revolutionise your business practice.

Caspio is utilised by Fortune 500  companies due to its quick delivery and the cost-effective solution it provides. When going down the corporate development path, there is a large amount of preliminary work that is required which can include:-

  • No coding required enabling fast development
  • Easy deployment of web forms
  • Global data centres including Australia
  • User and contact management
  • Mobile ready
  • Ability to import and export data
  • Secure and reliable

Black Belt Consulting can define your business requirements, deliver Caspio as a business process automation solution. We work with your team and can train them to effectively use Caspio. We can offer ongoing support to ensure your instance of Caspio grows with your business.

Black Belt Digital - The Difference

Our team has extensive, commercial experience with Machine Learning
ensuring we deliver real solutions in the quickest and simplest way.

We understand the use of Machine Learning as a business enabler and
provide practical implementation and its use.

We’ll bring your vision to life

Black Belt has more than 20 years’ digital experience supported by practical, technology delivery expertise. We offer a team of experts with domain specific and emerging  technology practice, that can detail your technology requirements to deliver a solution that works for you.

What does Black Belt provide:

  • Development of a clearly defined, coherent technology strategy that’s aligned to corporate, product and customer strategy
  • Independent and agnostic advice and solution design
  • Support to ensure the right technology investment
  • Best fit technology recommendations for your business
  • Enabling data and technology capabilities thru strategic advice
  • Sanity check for your technology strategy

Benefit of Black Belt!

  • Flexible delivery of advisory services including ongoing advice
  • Not aligned to any technology, right advice for your environment
  • We empower your team, providing you the ability to better execute

We’ll bring your vision to life

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