Black Belt Digital provides business automation and improved productivity

by utilising Caspio to create web forms, reports and databases that are accessible anywhere.

Our technology requires no coding, removing the requirement for dedicated resources and costly maintenance.

We give you the technological solution to revolutionise your business practice.

Build web forms
We enable you to automate any process, whether it be internal or customer facing, by easily deploying web forms for your business.
Reporting and Business Intelligence
Build interactive, real-time reports that are accessible anywhere by customers, staff and users. Bring other data into the application to enhance reporting.
Visual Presentation
You can bring your data to life with a choice of layouts, charts and maps. Tabular and gallery layout, the choice is yours.
Users and Contact Management
Create users and profiles to control who sees what and when. Build management, sales and operational reporting that is open to everyone or password protected. Unlimited users with our application.
No Coding required
Fast development, no internal development resources are required meaning ongoing maintenance is minimal.
Mobile ready
Our application is available from desktop, mobile and tablets. Give your team access anywhere and anytime.
Import and Export Data
Web forms and reporting delivers data, we can import and export data on-demand. This can be done in Excel, Access, XML and Text files formats for convenience.
Support and Consulting
Black Belt Digital can support your business by delivering your online solution. We provide ongoing support, enabling you to concentrate on your core business.

Our applications can be deployed anywhere including your website, portals, content management systems.

Our application is available from multiple global datacenters including Australia.

Deploy Anywhere

Our applications uses Microsoft SQL Server database as it provides optimal performance and security.

The  application runs on Amazon Web Services which offers superior scalability.

Technolgy behind the Application

User activity logs detailing the most active users, areas of your
application that is most frequently used, is available.

Revision history means you can return to an earlier version of your application.


Our applications run on Amazon Web Services, which is the leader in cloud security.

Applications can be designed to limit access, include encrypted password technology, can set password strengths, flexible user management and ability to easily de-activate a users account.

Secure and reliable


Start making your business smarter