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A global property management company held a large volume of lease documents requiring manual input into systems to understand the lease content. The project used Optical Character recognition (OCR) to convert the documents to text. An algorithm was developed that extracted data fields using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand the content. The successful MVP was delivered with 9o to 100% accuracy on main search terms.

Paper to Data

One of Australia’s largest healthcare insurer has more than 6 million customers supported by more than 100 retail stores and 60 aged care homes. The healthcare company had a wealth of valuable information from customer interactions and technology platforms, with a number of data systems created or acquired over the years. These systems contain an array of data and customer information including transactional history. This valuable information is contained in “data silos” with few connected to each other presenting the problem of disparate customer information and no true, real time view of the Customer. The project delivered a consolidated view of customer, which became the precursor to a larger digital transformation project and “single view of Customer” project.

Single View of Customer
The students of a leading University were required to access multiple systems to find the students course and subject results. The University sought to leverage data and technology to benefit students by delivering an application called ‘How am I tracking?’. The application provides students with a single resource to simply and proactively track their results with the University. The tool compares progress in study and extracurricular activities with personal goals set by the student and provides advice and motivation in a gamified setting.

The team managed the technical delivery of the project, working with external management consultants to define the requirements for the application. The application was delivered for a selected cohort of students, and is being rolled out within a selected Faculty, with future delivery across the whole University.

Student Tracking

The movement of prisoners between Court, Police Stations and Jails is a complicated process and an application was developed to capture all prisoner transport orders in a single system, irrespective of who will perform the transport service (Police, Court, 3rd party Contractors). Our task was to oversee the scoping and implementation of this progressive, state of the art technology system utilizing real time data.

The delivered system is scalable to growth in services and provides timely and accurate information to the prisoner transport contractor for effective performance of the contracted services. It enables performance reporting for contracted on time deliveries, operational and management reporting and provides timely and accurate information to stakeholders for all Prisoner movements.

Prisoner Transport


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