A recent article from Vivek Wadhwa highlighted some important considerations when implementing artificial intelligence in your business. Although a large number of business executive respondents found that AI would provide a competitive advantage, only a small number of 5% had incorporated AI into their products or processes.

Business problems rarely have a simple answer, with lots of variables forming part of the problem and adding complexity. One of the key understandings needed by business to implement machine learning is that AI systems require an immense amount of coaching to be effectual. It would great to assume that you point an AI system at the business problem, but it’s not that simple.

One of the key fundamental predicaments of AI systems lies in the requirement for a large amount of data that includes the business problem. With more data, the more useful the AI system becomes. Since AI is only as good as the data it receives, it brings the problem back to the ongoing business dilemma of data – better, disparate, cleaner and more data!

What AI learns is still a mystery! The merger of AI and an individual’s experience to solve that business problem is the successful recipe to fully utilise machine learning.

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