Python is a fantastic, general purpose programming language which is used a lot for machine learning. Although it is often associated with machine learning and artificial intelligence, it is also a programming language that can be used to develop web applications. Python is great for developing mathematical and numeric applications with features that facilitate data analysis and also visualising data.

We have compiled a list of free Python tools that can be used with this programming language. The Python tools include:-

Pandas – which is used for data analysis
SciPy – provides algorithms to use with numpy
NumPy – multidimensional arrays, arrays are used to store multiple values in one single variable
HDFS – Hadoop Distributed File System is used to store and manipulate data
Jupyter – research collaboration tool
SQLAlchemy – Python SQL Toolkit
pyMySQL – MySQL connecter
Theano – deep learning with neural networks
Lasagne – build and train neural networks in Theano
Seaborn – data visualisation tool
Airflow – data engineering tool
Elasticsearch – data search engine
PyBrain – algorithms for ML
Matplotlib – data visualisation tool
PyTables – used for managing HDFS datasets
IPython – powerful shell
Pymongo – MongoDB driver
Redis – Redis acces libraries
Scikit-learn – used for machine learning algorithms
Keras – high level neural network API
Bokeh – data visualisation tool
Dask – data engineering tool
Luigi – data engineering tool
SymPy – symbolic math
Pattern – natural language processing

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