What is “business process automation”. BPA – Business Process Automation is the automation of activities, processes or services within a business, typically led by technology. The purpose of BPA is to enhance existing workflows and to remove manual intervention. Business processes are far reaching and not just specific to operations. BPA can include both sales, management and reporting, human resources, IT and supply chain. BPA initiatives can be delivered as part of a larger, business process transformation project or a standalone initiative, typically within a business stream.

In most instances, the requirement to start a business process automation project commences with a need, such as the identification of inefficiencies in workforce requirements to manually deliver work. BPA has more than just one goal to simply automate a business process – it offers the opportunity to identify and improve business workflows.

The benefits of BPA initiatives are simple:-

  • Improve the business workflow
  • Reduce manual intervention in business workflows
  • Enable a business to change with the current operating environments
  • Achieve greater efficiency and reduce costs
  • Reduction in human error
  • Enable enhanced reporting

Black Belt Digital offers the expertise and know-how to easily and efficiently deliver business automation. We offer an extensive track record in understanding business process and operations and can show you a cost-effective means to “digitise” your business.