Not-for-profit organisations provide an invaluable contribution to our society, working with limited resources to help. In many instances, NFP’s are reliant on contributions to support their aspirations. Much of the work for NFP’s come from leads and our technology was used by an NFP to automate and manage leads that are received.

This NFP was presented with a double problem. The number of leads was ever increasing, placing a greater load on manual processing. Further with limited technical resources, and no funding for an expensive upgrade to IT systems, the NFP was struggling to stay ahead.

The solution was easy, a “do-it-yourself” platform enabled this NFP to quickly design, deploy web forms to better capture leads. The webforms were easily integrated with their website. Some of the business features delivered with the implementation included:-

  • Qualification and segmentation of leads along product lines
  • Faster response to leads
  • Ability to easily modify their forms
  • Reporting on leads became instantaneous
  • Secure system that keeps data safe
  • Flexibility to grow with the NFP

About Black Belt Digital.

Black Belt Digital delivers digital automation and advice to business. The founder, Andrew Barton, offers extensive experience with technology and digital solutions. BBD can support your business by taking the heavy lifting out of digital automation. We can define the requirements to deliver the solution, provide advice and recommendations to better benefit your automation. BBD can deliver and deploy web applications, forms and reports, supported by web databases, that will save your business significant time and money. This can be done in days not weeks!

Our applications are powered by simple point-and-click technology, meaning that once the web applications are running, you have the option of managing your digital assets yourself. BBD offers ongoing support available on an as-needs basis to ensure the relevancy of your digital investment.