Using business software such as Excel, Access and Sharepoint to manage records is common in many businesses. Excel is easy to use and overtime spreadsheets grow and become more complex. Our technology has been used to manage student records across more than 50 high schools. With the number of schools and records growing every year, a system was required to enable these schools to create and update records and to have one central repository to report and analyse these student records.

Previously, this had been done using spreadsheets, which presented complexity as the number of records was increasing dramatically. Further, schools did not have the capability or the resources to analyse these records. The issue of security started to become a concern with the large number of schools involved.

The requirement for a system that enabled hundreds of teachers the capability to access a web application remotely, to input and update data was provided by Caspio. This requirement was further complicated by the need to administer access control that limited what was available for review based on multiple levels of access. The solution provided delivered

  • Access to more than 500 users
  • 24/7 access to student record
  • Real-time reporting
  • De-centralised data analysis
  • Removing of manual data
  • Time savings fixing errors

 About Black Belt Digital.

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